iSolution – IR-5S-ELC Rock Scanner

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iSolution – IR-5S-ELC Rock Scanner

The iRock 5S is a DMX Scanner with 250w ELC lamp. It features 14 gobos, 11 colours and strobe effect.

iSolution technology allows synchronisation of different types of intelligent iSolution fixtures via either a custom-built iLead DMX-512 controller or in stand-alone mode. iLead (Integrated Lighting System) allows fixtures to be linked and work in synchronisation, regardless of type, including iLead-equipped scanners, moving heads, and colour changers. The iLead controller can also remotely set the DMX addresses of the fixtures. All units are also controllable via any universal DMX-512 controller. Conversely, the iLead controller is a universal DMX-512 controller and can be used with non-iSolution fixtures.


  • DMX-512 control channel: 5
  • Setting and addressing: 4 digit blue LED display
  • LED display with on/off setting function
  • Data in/out: Locking 3-Pin XLR iSolution operation
  • Consistant DMX configeration enables iShow to be linked with iRock and iMove
  • DMX address can be set remotely by iLead controller.
  • No need to calculate the DMX channels of each fixture in the chain
  • When the DMX signal is off, the lights will switch to master/slave mode automatically
  • Easy installation, easy addressing, and pre-programmed function
  • Automatic switching between music trigger or auto trigger mode
  • Master/Slave mode
  • Built in dynamic lighting shows for instant operation
  • User friendly easy controller: Enjoy various lighting shows at your fingertips
  • Pan: 180 degrees; Tilt 70 degrees
  • Gobo wheel: 14 gobo’s plus open blackout, including 1 replaceable gobo, 2 glass gobos, 1 effect gobo, and 10 metal gobo’s.
  • Gobo shaking effect
  • Colour wheel – 11 trapezoid dichroic colours plus white; split colours available
  • Rainbow effect in both directions
  • Shutter Variable speed strobe, 1 – 10 flashes per second
  • High quality optical lens, dichroic colours and gobo’s
  • Beam Angle: 14 degrees


  • Power supply: 240v
  • Lamp: ELC 24v 250w
  • Replacement lamp: Lamp11
  • Dimensions: 695 x 340 x 250mm
  • Weight: 10.6kg