iSolution iMove IM-575SP

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iSolution – iMove IM-575SP

IMove 575SP are the new revolving heads in the ISolution series powered by the HMI575 lamp. Distinctive features of the devices – two gobo wheels, trapezoidal dichroic filters on the color wheel, rotating prism, motorized focus, dimmer

In addition to all the advantages that the devices of the ISolution series have, these heads have the ability to work in 16-channel mode. With modern and stylish design, high reliability and excellent performance, these appliances will give you a lot of pleasure. Thanks to the excellent optics and the powerful luminous flux of the HMI575 lamp, the fixtures are ideal for concerts, theatres, discos, etc.

DMX 512 protocol: 22/16 channels.
Control panel: ILead controller or universal DMX controllers.
Remote switching on / off of the lamp (only in 16-channel mode).
Lamp ignition control sensor: ensures that the lamp is ignited at the required temperature.
Settings and addressing: 4-digit blue LCD digital display.
Connectors: 3pin XLR.

ISolution Features:
DMX channel sequencing allows IMove to work with IScan, IRock and IShow.
Remote DMX Address Setting(RDA): The address can be set remotely using an ILead controller, a CA-T DMX tester, or a universal DMX controller.
When there is no DMX signal, fixtures switch to Master/Slave mode automatically.
Easy installation of the device and quick start-up.

Pan: 540gr.; Tilt: 270gr.
Automatic Pan/Tilt correction
Magnetic Pan/Tilt positioning .
Pan/Tilt resolution: 8/16-bit (in 16-channel mode).

Built-in functions:
Automatic switching between operation of the device from music and automatic mode.
Master/Slave mode:
a) no need to assign which device is Master and which is Slave. The first fixture in the chain will always operate as Master.
b) built-in light shows.
Easy Controller CA-8 support.

Gobo :
Magnetic wheel positioning for easy calibration and maintenance.
Gobo size: outer diameter 26.8mm, pattern diameter 24 and 21mm.
Static gobo wheel: 9 replaceable open.
Rotating gobo wheel: 7 rotating, replaceable gobos open.

Magnetic wheel positioning.
9 trapezoidal dichroic filters open.
Rainbow effect in both directions.

Prism Prism
rotation in both directions


Electronically controlled mechanical diameter 0-100%
Independent shutter, strobe effect.

Motorized focus.

High performance optical system.
High quality lenses and dichroic colors. Possibility of manual adjustment.
Beam opening angle: 14gr.


Stylish composite body.
High precision stepper motors.
Special Omega clips for suspension, carrying handles

Features IM-575SP
Motorized iris diaphragm.
Gobo indexing.

Supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
Lamp: HMI 575W/MSI 1200W SFc10-4
Dimensions: 427x478x369mm
Weight: 27 kg