iSolution iLead 0824 DMX Controller

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iSolution iLead 0824 DMX Controller

  • Standard 19-inch rack mount
  • Controls up to 192 DMX channels
  • Controls 24 scanners with up to 8 DMX channels per fixture
  • 12 preset movements for instant show editing
  • Set lights’ ( iRock, iShow, and iMove ) DMX address remotely by the controller
  • Memory of 24 chases up to 485 scenes; each chase with unlimited scenes until memory of the controller is full
  • 2 sliders ( SPEED, X-FADE/VALUE ) for manual control
  • Auto program (scenes and chases) controlled by Speed and X-Fade sliders
  • Scanners control of Pan/Tilt joystick or Speed and X-Fade sliders
  • Pan/Tilt joystick with Fine adjustment function
  • Blackout function
  • Override function gives complete control of selected fixtures
  • Built-in microphone for Music triggering or (Audio) line in
  • MIDI control over Chases, Blackout, Sound, Auto, Speed and X-Fade
  • Power failure memory
  • 2 extra easy controllers Incorporated for immediate pre-programmed shows
  • Fog Machine trigger button with “Heating” and “Ready” LED indicators
  • Strobe trigger button with adjustable speed