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Homebrew HBE Electronics Paradrive Overdrive Boost Pedal

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Homebrew HBE Electronics Paradrive Overdrive Boost Pedal

HOMEBREW ELECTRONICS HBE PARADRIVE OVERDRIVE BOOST PEDAL We just got in this Homebrew Electronics Paradrive in stock at Southern Guitars! This is very versatile pedal that has a separate clean boost channel and the overdrive side as well! The Overdrive has a switch to select different modes. The Paradrive goes from Clean Boost to Classic Overdrive Tones to more modern hard clipping drive tones! More information from Homebrew below.  If you have any questions please feel free to let us know!
The Homebrew Electronics ParaDrive Overdrive Boost pedal combines a great boost pedal with a screaming overdrive. With two options in one, you can’t help but find this to be a very versatile little pedal.  It’s rich overdrive has a very sweet tone control that only modifies the treble, so there’s no loss of low end when you want brighter tone.  The tone control also works with the level and gain so you can blend in the right amount of overdrive.  The pedal also features a three-way diode select switch so you can go from compressed gain to classic overdrive.  When you’re in overdrive mode, you have access to the fat drive switch, which pumps up your low end and gain.

In addition to the great overdrive, the team at Homebrew Electronics also designed the ParaDrive to function as a clean boost pedal.  The boost works separately from the overdrive and is great for soloing or boosting the front end of an amp.  Together, the overdrive and boost create amazing harmonics and saturation.  The pedal has great clarity, is very dynamic, and has nice separation.  When you need a clean sound, the ParaDrive delivers, but when you need it dirty, you’ll find that it works just as well.  The pedal features true bypass as well.

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