Hammond SKX

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Hammond SKX

The SKX Stage Keyboard – the smallest, lightest, full-featured dual-manual in the company’s history. Evolving from the highly successful line of Sk series Stage Keyboards, the SKX has embraced design recommendations from Professionals and Hobbyists alike. The result is a comprehensive instrument combining an authentic Hammond Organ featuring 3 sets of Harmonic Drawbars™, Vibrato-Chorus, Touch-Response Percussion™, and digital Leslie™; with a complete array of the most desired Keyboard Voices, such as Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos, Clavs, Orchestral and Percussive voices, and more. These may be combined with the Tonewheel voices, or with each other, in the twin Extravoice divisions. The Organ division is further equipped with 32 ranks of Hi-Def Classical Pipe Organ voices, and accurate models of the two most popular combo organs of the Sixties, which may be registered and played exactly as the originals.


Sound Generator:

Organ Section 2

VASE III as Digital Tone-Wheels, Transistor Organ and Pipe Organ

  • 61 polyphony (for Manual, except Pipe Organ)
  • 8 polyphony (for Pedal, except Pipe Organ)
  • 63 polyphony (maximum, on Pipe Organ)

Organ Section:

Drawbars Upper: 9 Pitches, Lower: 9 Pitches, Pedal: 2 Pitches

Organ Types

  • Manuals: 6 choices (B-Type1, B-Type2, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Pipe)
  • Pedal: 7 choices (Normal, Muted, Synth1, Synth2, Finger, Pick, Slap)

Touch Response Percussion Buttons: On, Volume Soft, Fast Decay, Th ird Harmonic

Extra Voice Section:

Sections 2 Sections for Manuals
Instruments 6 Groups (A. Piano, E. Piano, Keyboard, Wind, Other, Library)·Upgradable via Library
Control Upper On, Lower On, Group