Greer Amps Sucker Punch Distortion

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Greer Amps Sucker Punch Distortion

The Sucker Punch Distortion is what happens when Nick decides to design a high gain pedal.  This pedal uses a JFET preamp to drive a 386D chip amp section.  The gain that is on tap is reminiscent of some of the early JCM amps, with tons of volume on tap, and a tone control that has a very wide sweep, from thick to cutting.  If you’re looking for JCM type tones, this pedal will get you the gain you’re looking for, and will help you cut through the mix, to get above your loud drummer!

  • Face melting tone!
  • JFET gain stage driving chip amp section!
  • JCM-amp type distortion!
  • Huge amount of volume on tap!
  • Wide tone sweep, for thick or cutting settings!
  • True Bypass!
  • Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.
  • Built with top quality components
  • Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!
  • Pedals are currently built to order, and will ship within 1-2 weeks your order and payment