Gravity stands NS 411 Music stand classic

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This music stand is based on a classic design. Attention was given to details such as the support joint which is made of die-cast material for a precise fit, the base connector and the height adjustment. Utilising the Gravity-typical ergonomic set screw knobs – made from high-grade ABS with a soft touch, non-slip thermoplastic coating and heavy duty metal joints, this stand is designed to withstand harsh treatment in the everyday life of a musician.

Product type Stands and Tripods
Type Music stand
Music desk type Perforated music desk
Stand material Steel
Stand surface Powder coated
Stand colour Black
Support material Steel
Support surface Powder coated
Support colour Black
Support width 475 mm
Support height 340 mm
Min. height 660 mm
Max. height 1200 mm
Weight 3,9 kg