G&L USA Guitar Will Ray – Silver

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G&L USA Guitar Will Ray Silver

Will chose the ASAT Z-3 as the basis for his signature model, then hot-rodded it to suit his unmistakable style. Factory-installed Hipshot Will Ray B-Bender, Schaller locking tuners, WR-spec over-wound bridge pickup with extended pole pieces for a wider bobbin aperture. Pickups set to Will’s height preference. The unique skull inlays were designed by Will himself. Includes Deluxe fitted Tolex hardshell case, 2 Will Ray instructional videos: “B-Bender Mania” and “Stealth Slide,” plus a pair of WR’s trademark slide rings.

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Juiced-up Will Ray style.


  • Swamp ash body
  • Factory-installed Hipshot Will Ray B-Bender
  • Comanche headstock and neck profile (12″ radius, 1 5/8″ nut width)
  • Hard rock maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Unique skull inlays designed by Will himself
  • Schaller locking tuners
  • WR spec over-wound middle and bridge pickups using extended length pole
  • pieces for wider bobbin aperture
  • WR spec pickup height settings
  • Patented G&L Passive Treble/Bass (PTB) system which includes a single Volume Control combined with separate Treble and Bass Controls and a 5 Position Pickup Selector Switch.
  • Patented G&L Saddle Lock Bridge with individually adjustable string height and intonation plus Set Screws to lock your intonation in for perfect pitch and maximum sustain
  • Also comes with 2 WR instructional videos, “B-Bender Mania” and “Stealth Slide,” plus a pair of WR’s trademark slide rings