Gallien Krueger MB 108

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25 Watt 1×8″ U.L. Combo

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Gallien Krueger MB 108

Everyone needs a practice amp, and the ultra-portable MB108 combo bass amplifier by Gallien-Krueger is just the thing to satisfy any serious player. It may be small, but this 25-watt, 1 x 8″ bass combo provides you with an impressing amount of punch, clarity, and volume. A 3-band EQ lets you dial in the tone for any bass you play or space you play in. For solo practice, you really can’t complain about the simple 1/8″ aux in and headphone out, and when you need a grab-and-go amp you can toss in your car without folding down the seats, you’ll be mighty glad you picked up this Gallien-Krueger MB108.

Gallien-Krueger MB108 Combo Bass Amplifier at a Glance:

  • Surprisingly loud for such a tiny bass amp
  • Grab-and-go convenience for any bass-playing occasion
  • Perfect for rocking out solo or jamming along to your tunes

Surprisingly loud for such a tiny bass ampHow loud can a 25-watt bass amp really be? Plug into a Gallien-Krueger MB108 combo and you’ll get the picture. While you may not be shaking the foundation of your local arena any time soon, you will have more than enough volume to fill your garage, living room, or other practice space with ease. The 8″ ceramic Paragon speaker delivers nice and punchy lows with enough midrange definition that you can articulate notes clearly without tubbing out.

Grab-and-go convenience for any bass-playing occasionEven at Sweetwater, where we have access to the hottest bass rigs around, many of us still rely on small practice amps like the GK MB108 all the time. After all, who wants to haul around a half stack when you just want to jam with your friends? With an MB108, you can comfortably toss your gear in the passenger seat and take off to wherever the music’s happening. What’s more, this undersized amp offers a full 3-band EQ, so you can get the best possible sound no matter where you end up or what bass you plug in.

Perfect for rocking out solo or jamming along to your tunesSometimes, woodshedding is the only way to make an important passage stick. But you don’t have to subject your family and neighbors to your laborious repetition when you practice solo with your MB108 combo bass amp. That’s because Gallien-Krueger gave the MB108 a dedicated 1/8″ headphone output. At the same time, they also hooked you up with an 1/8″ stereo input, so you can plug in your smartphone or portable media player and play along to your favorite songs.

Gallien-Krueger MB108 Combo Bass Amplifier Features:

  • Power and punch packed into a perfectly portable bass combo amplifier
  • 25 watts pushing an 8″ ceramic Paragon speaker delivers tons of volume and focused punch
  • 3-band EQ lets you dial in your sound no matter what bass you plug in or where you play
  • Plug your portable media player into the 1/8″ stereo auxiliary and rock out with your tunes
  • Connect a set of headphones and rock out without disturbing the neighbors

For practice, rehearsal, and even small gigs, the Gallien-Krueger MB108 combo bass amp delivers!

Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 25W
Speakers 1 x 8″
EQ 3-band (Active)
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x Aux
Outputs 1 x Headphones