Gallien Krueger 2001 RB

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Bass Amp Head

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Gallien Krueger 2001 RB

The 2001RB Amplifier Head is Gallien-Krueger’s big gun with 2 – 500W woofer amps bridgeable to 1000W and 2 – 50W horn amps. It is capable of getting the deep, floor-shaking, warm sound that powers reggae bands. For rock players it features a special design distortion circuit that lets you quickly dial in the perfect growl and drive, and which automatically mutes the horns when the high-gain channel is activated. For funk players, its voicing filters and biamp controls let you scoop the mids and add the perfect high-end edge needed for popping. For any style of music performed on arena stages, the 2001RB is the amp of choice for top professionals.

Gallien-Krueger products have 1-year speaker warranties and 2-year electronic warranties.


  • Power: Low-2 x 540W @ 2 ohm, 1080W Bridged @ 4 ohm; High-2 x 50W @ 8 ohm
  • Dual continuously variable speed fans
  • Ultralow noise S/N>90dB
  • Clip LED
  • 10dB pad
  • Mute switch
  • Mute LED and A/B switch
  • “B” LED, gain, edge, bottom and level controls
  • “A” LED and level control
  • 4-band active EQ w/ voicing filters and contour
  • Effects loop and tuner out w/ mute
  • Output controls: boost, tweeter level with high-cut switch, and woofer level with crossover switch
  • Direct out: XLR, level control, ground lift and pre/post switches
  • Patching connections: send, return, tuner out, chain in, chain out, and footswitch jack
  • Speaker connectors left: 2 -1/4,” 2 – biamp connectors (bridge/mono), bridge/mono switch
  • Speaker connectors right: 2 -1/4,” 2 – biamp connectors