Fox Pedal Magnifica

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Fox Pedal Magnifica

New in V2! Top mount jacks, soft-touch bypass and updated graphics.

The Magnifica is a versatile pedal with a full range of spring reverb sounds. Dial in subtle damp tones for added color to your tone, or full ambient wetness to wash it down. With simple controls, you can dial in the wetness of the verb, the dampness of the tone, and the size of the room. The subtle modulation inherent to the Belton reverb unit adds some unique flavor.

Feedback: Dial in the amount of reverb that’s fed back into itself. Even into self-oscillation in some cases.
Tone: Control the tone of the reverberated signal. From dampened warmth, to pure unadulterated glassy-ness.
Reverb: Adjust the amount of wet*.


  • Handwired Construction
  • Quality hand-wired open frame jacks, top-mounted
  • Power: Standard 9 volt DC/ negative center, NO internal battery option.
  • Soft-touch Bypass Footswitch