fmpedals AR Overdrive Pedal Andra Ramadhan Signature Red Edition

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fmpedals Andra Ramadhan Signature Overdrive Pedal: AR Overdrive (Red Edition)

This is a new overdrive pedal specifically designed to Andra’s specifications. At the heart of the circuit is a high-end Op Amp based overdrive engine that emulates the great headroom, touch, feel, and the response of a crunchy pushed tube amplifier.

AR Overdrive pedal is a versatile addition to any setup and any style. Stack it with another pedal to help push the gain, level up the volume for your lead solo, use it as a stand alone overdrive with the amount of gain, or use it as a slightly dirty boost to push the front end of your amp over the edge.

You will get The Certificate of Authenticity of this pedal with the original signature of Andra Ramadhan himself.

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