Electro Voice EVID-C44 Ceiling Mount Speaker System

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Harga aslinya adalah: Rp 26.250.000.Harga saat ini adalah: Rp 21.000.000.

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Electro Voice EVID C44

Harga aslinya adalah: Rp 26.250.000.Harga saat ini adalah: Rp 21.000.000.

Stok : Tersedia

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Electro  Voice EVID In-Ceiling speakers

Designed with both the contractor and listener in mind, EVID ceiling speakers are high-performance problem solvers that deliver exceptional audio in even the most challenging architectural environments. In addition to warm, intelligible sound, impressive low-frequency response and stylish, low-profile looks, EVID ceiling models are easy to install and provide lasting value. For commercial sound installations across all venue types, EVID has the ceiling covered.


EVID Compact Sound Ceiling System

Electro Voice EVID C44 Compact sound ceiling system

  • Quick-install design with captive mounting tabs to fit nearly any ceiling construction.
  • Four-pin Phoenix connectors on ceiling satellite speakers support pass-thru wiring.
  • UL 2043/1480 ratings allow for use in signaling applications and plenum air spaces.
  • Ceiling cutout templates and all mounting accessories included.
  • Available in white finish.

The Electro Voice EVID c44 Compact Sound speaker series continues the EVID family’s focus on form and function, with stylish, architecture-friendly design, a best-in-class performance-to-size ratio, and user-friendly installation and operation. The system is designed to provide exceptional background/foreground audio performance in retail spaces, restaurants, and similar environments – all while being heard but hardly seen.



Frequency Range (-10 dB) EVID C2.1: 180 Hz – 20 kHz; EVID 40C: 45 Hz – 300kHz
Power Rating 300W
Connector Type EVID C2.1: Phoenix (4-pin); EVID 40C: Phoenix (2-pin)
Enclosure Material Steel & ABS (fire rated)
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m EVID C2.1: 84 dB; EVID 40C: 88dB
Available Color White
Height EVID C2.1: 119 mm; EVID 40C: 316mm
Width EVID C2.1: 135 mm; EVID 40C: 373mm
Weight Net EVID C2.1: 0.82 kg; EVID 40C: 9.52kg
Shipping Weight 1 sub and 4 satellites: 19.05 kg (42 lb)kg
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) EVID C2.1: 150 x 150 (Voice), 100 x 100 (Music Program); EVID 40C: Omnidirectional
Impedance EVID C2.1: 16Ω; EVID 40C: mono 4Ω
Power Handling (Continuous / Peak) EVID C2.1: 30 W; EVID 40C: 200W
Maximum SPL EVID C2.1: 100 dB; EVID 40C: 114dB
Transducer size EVID C2.1: 50 mm; EVID 40C: 200 mm
Passive Power Handling 200W peak
Transformer Taps (Transformer Version Only) EVID 40C: 100 W, 50 W, 25 W, 12.5 W