Electro Harmonix Stereo Polychorus

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Electro Harmonix Stereo Polychorus

The Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Polychorus Analog Flanger and Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal produces a wide variety of tones, from mellow to maniac. It’s the same classic analog chorus pedal that Kurt Cobain and Adrian Belew relied on to create their signature sounds. The Stereo Polychorus provides the lushest stereo chorus, rich chiming flange, and the over-the-edge effects that made this versatile pedal legendary.

The STEREO POLYCHORUS’s four switch-selectable modes are:

FILTER MATRIX- A comb filter, which creates “chime” effects. In this mode you can sweep the TUNE knob manually for “custom” flanging.

FLANGE – A sweeping comb filter which creates a variety of modulation effects and whooshing sounds.

CHORUS- A sweeping echo for moving sounds such as “12 string guitar” and rotating speaker effects.

DOUBLE TRACK- A short-delay echo for spacious “stage effects”.


  • Mode selectable analog effects: chorus, flange, double track and filter matrix
  • Double track is a short slapback echo
  • Filter matrix mode disengages the sweep flange adjustment for manual flange tones
  • All effects have control over feedback and tune/delay
  • Sweep filter switch
  • Stereo outputs
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