Electro Harmonix Nano Muff Overdrive

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Electro Harmonix Nano Muff Overdrive

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Muff Overdrive Effects Pedal revives the big sound of the 1969 classic Muff Fuzz effect in a compact, die-cast aluminum package. No complicated settings needed here: just the switch and a volume knob. Rugged construction and amazingly compact
to save valuable pedal board space! The red LED indicates when the effect pedal is switched on.

You can power the Nano Muff Overdrive pedal with a 9V battery, or an optional 9V 100ma tip-positive AC adapter with an 1/8″ plug.


Nano Muff Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

  • 9DC-100 1/8″ tip positive power supply optional