DR Strings, K3 Neon HI-Def Blue Bass, NBB-45 (45-105)

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DR Strings, K3 Neon HI-Def Blue Bass, NBB-45 (45-105)

K3 Hi Def Blue Coated Bass Strings featuring Coated Nickel wrap on a Round core. New DR NEON strings are super bright colors that will sound clear, bright and musical and last like the coated strings they are. Super bright in daylight and under UV stage lighting, DR’s NEON strings are so bright in appearance they look like they are on fire. NEONs also sound as good as they look. NEONS are the first coated string to make no apologies. While NEONs last as long as a coated string should, they sound as good or better than uncoated strings, no excuses.