Digitech SC-2

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Digitech SC-2

The HardWire SC-2 Valve Distortion turns up the heat. The SC-2 Valve Distortion gives you two types of harmonically charged distortion tones: Crunch and Saturated. The Crunch Mode gives you all the crunch you need with mids that cut through onstage.? Saturated Mode adds extra gain for maximum sustain making it ideal for solos. As with all HardWire pedals, the SC-2 is crafted from premium all-metal components to perform night after night, tour after tour.


2 Modes of operation: Crunch and Saturated

  • Crunch Mode gives you plenty of gain with mids that cut through
  • Saturated Mode adds more gain for maximum sustain

True Bypass circuitry preserves your tone in bypass

Constant high-voltage operation for tonal quality and noise reduction

HardWire Pedals include the following stage accessories

  • Stomplock? knob guard locks your tone in place and prevent tampering or accidental knob adjustments onstage
  • Pedal Switch Glow Sticker helps you locate the pedal in adverse stage lighting
  • Custom-cut Hook and Loop Pedalboard Pad to attach and lock your pedals to your pedalboard