Digitech LiveFX

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Digitech LiveFX

Center stage never sounded so good.? The Vocalist Live FX transforms your voice and captivates your audience.? Whether a subtle splash of Lexicon reverb and dbx compression to warm up your voice or punchy, popular club effects,? the Vocalist Live FX gives you the confidence to perform with the highest studio quality effects and comprehensive live listening technologies.? Instant vocal adrenaline fit for your performance.

The Vocalist Live FX is the next generation of vocal effects boxes with over 65 vocal effects, studio quality sound, and Live Adapt listening technologies to give singers the best vocal enhancements.? The Vocalist Live FX introduces Live Adapt to vocal performers everywhere providing them with advanced listening technologies that adapts to queues from the room, from the band, and from the singer.? Licensed Lexicon reverb and dbx Compression and Automatic Feedback Supression is stored in the box to give the vocalist powerful controls of studio quality effects. The Gold Channel allows the user to engage their channel strip with the press of a button so they can sound good in an instant.? An Anti-Feedback button will instantly eliminate any noise, and the Sound Check button will automatically test the settings of presets for the current room acoustics.



  • Studio Quality Vocal Effects
  • Harmony, Pitch/FX,Distortion/Filter, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb
  • Gold Channel Mic Pre
  • dbx? Compression
  • dbx? Automatic Feedback Suppression
  • Lexicon? Reverbs
  • 70 second looper
  • Sound Check
  • Live Adapt Effects Control
  • Simple Preset Editing
  • Set Lists
  • Phantom Power
  • Preset Management Software for PC/Mac
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