Digitech BP355

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Digitech BP355

The DigiTech BP355 bass multi-effects pedal gives bassists more sounds, effects, flexibility, and control whether you’re practicing alone, rehearsing, recording, or gigging. Most bass players don’t ask for much in the way of effects, but DigiTech has gone to great lengths to ensure that they will find everything they’re looking for and more in the new BP355.

Powered by the AudioDNA2 processor, the BP355 features advanced modeling of 20 amps, 17 different cabinets, and more than 70 different effects. Although the durable die-cast metal chassis of the BP355 is made for the stage, it’s the perfect tool for virtually every bass player to perfect their playing. The BP355 has an additional input for your MP3 player, 60 different CD-quality drum patterns, and a 20-second looper players can use to jam, practice, or play along with. It also has a built-in tuner and expression pedal and includes the power supply.

Using the USB port on the BP355, bass players can stream audio to their computer and customize their presets. There are 70 pre-programmed factory presets with 70 more user preset spaces available.

Powerful AudioDNA2 processing for bassists!


  • 140 presets (70 factory, 70 user)
  • 20 amp/13 cabinet models
  • 72 effects
  • 20-second looper
  • 60 high-quality drum patterns
  • Separate 1/4″ left and right outputs
  • Amp/mixer switch
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Built-in expression pedal
  • Power supply included

Step into a world of tones that will take your creativity to new heights. Order the BP355 now!


BP355 Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

  • A/D Converter: 24-bit high performance audio
    D/A Converter: 24-bit high performance audio
    Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz throughout
    DSP Section: Audio DNA2 DSP Processor
    Preset Memory: 70 User / 70 Factory Presets
    Analog Input Connections
    Guitar input: 1/4″ Unbalanced (TS)
    Impedance: 500k Ohms
    Analog Output Connections
    Left/Right Outputs 1/4″ Unbalanced (TS):
    Impedance: 500 Ohms per side
    Maximum Output level: 10dBu
    Headphone Outputs 1/8″
    Output Power: 13.6mW per channel @50 Ohms
    Power Supply: Included 9VDC PS200R Power Supply