BASSBOSS WSSP118 Subwoofer Cart for SSP118

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BASSBOSS WSSP118 Subwoofer Cart for SSP118

The feet of the cabinet interlock with the available wheel carts, allowing multiple boxes to be stacked on a cart for rapid deployment with minimal effort. The stacked set’s footprint measures 29.5″ x 48″, making it easy to fit them securely in almost any commercial truck. The carts can accommodate up to 4 subwoofers, allowing for extremely tight truck-pack density. Alternatively, three-high stacks or 3-high cardioid stacks can be pre-configured on carts, ready to roll in and rock.



Dolly cart with 4 locking casters and recesses to accept interlocking cabinet feet for transporting 1 to 4 cabinets.