Ashdown PI-BASS Woijtek Pilichowski Signature

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Ultra light Bass Head

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Ashdown PI-BASS Woijtek Pilichowski Signature

Compact affordable power

Thanks to an innovative digital design, PiBass-240 packs 240W of glorious bass power into a box that weights just 1.5kg (3.3lbs) and is small enough to slip into the pocket of your gig bag. Despite its diminutive form, we haven’t compromised on it’s ability to deliver the fat low-end that Ashdown amps are renowned for – a sound that sets that standards amongst the lightweight competition.
Wojtek also specified a Ground Lift switch to eliminate problems with ‘bad power’ that can cause noise and other issues while playing live.

Full power – one cab

Enabling you to get full the 240W power through a single cab, PiBass was designed with a single 8 ohm output to deliver full volume in the most compact, affordable rig. The head is paired perfectly with a number of our cabinets, but most recently we have been inclined to plug the tiny powerhouse into one of our MiBass 112 cabs.

Powerful digital sound-shaping

Able to cover the widest range of styles, the powerful tone-shaping section leaves most compact amps in its dust, offering a truly flexible EQ able to nail any number of classic sounds and styles.
The four slider controls for Bass, Lo-Mid, High-Mid and Treble can be used to boost or cut each frequency range by up to 15dB. To the left of the Lo-Mid, High-Mid and Treble sliders are rotary controls marked FREQ-HZ. These are used to select the frequency at which the sliders boost or cut the signal.
The amp is set permanently in ‘Bright’ mode making it ideal for fast slap or rapid-fire percussive styles, but hitting the Bright switch will enable a warmer EQ shape with a richer, vintage flavour.
The powerful PiBass preamp features Input level switching to accommodate active or passive instruments.

Uncompromised connections

Bringing true flexibility to our most compact amp, we’ve also included a headphone output for silent practise and a professional DI output for connecting direct to a PA or recording setup.


PiBass – 240 Specifications

Power Output 240 Watts
Speaker Outputs Speakon/Jack
Frequency Response -3dB at 20Hz and 25kHz
High Instrument Input Impedance 10K Ohms, Level 300mV to 20V p-p
Low Instrument Input Impedance – 1M ohms Input range 150mv to 10v p – p
Line Output Headphone Out
DI Output 600 Ohms balanced / Level -20dBu nominal With Ground Lift
Signal to noise Better than 80dB (EQ Flat)
EQ Bass /-15dB @ 100Hz Lo Mid /-15dB @ 220Hz Middle /-15dB @ 660Hz Hi Mid /-15dB @ 1.6kHz Treble /-15dB @ 7kHz shelving Bright
Distortion Less than 0.5% THD
Weight (kg) 1.5