Ashdown Fallen Angel 100H-A Head

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100W Tube Pre Hybrid Guitar Amp Head   


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Ashdown Fallen Angel 100H-A Head

With all the same features and facilities as the Fallen Angel DSP All-Tube amplifiers, the Fallen Angel DSP Tube-Pre range combines an all-tube preamp with a revolutionary tube-emulating solid-state output stage that dynamically interacts with the speaker(s) to provide similar characteristics to a push-pull tube output stage at a much lower cost. The result is a great range of clean and overdrive tones for a killer price.

The Fallen Angel 100 DSP Tube-Pre Amp Head combines a dual-channel 100-Watt amp section with 16 internal DSP effects – including four Chorus, four Flanger and eight Delay programs, plus an internal DSP Reverb section. Both channels offer flexible gain and EQ controls for a wide range of clean and crunch tones.

Equally at home on stage or in the studio, the FA 100 DSP Tube-Pre Amplifier Head includes a 4-way footswitch to select Channel 1/2, Boost On/Off, Effects On/Off and dual Master Volumes, and a Speaker Emulation circuit on the line level recording output.