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The AMT VS microphone is Applied Microphone Technology’s microphone system for violin. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by AMT in the USA.  The system is intended to clip onto standard violin.

The VS is a ultra miniature, feather weight low profile condenser microphone specially designed for the Violin, Viola, and Mandolin. The microphone attaches to the Violin, Viola, and Mandolin with a clamp designed to be solid on the instrument without harming or dampening the natural sound or vibrations.

The VS is the # 1 choice for top professionals that look for the most natural sound reproduction possible from a clip on microphone.  All versions of the VS now include updated features including D.C.T.  (Disconnect Cable Technology) with the ability to connect the Wi5C creating a belt pack free wireless system.

The VS in it’s stock configuration is the perfect choice for the player that needs a hard wired (non wireless) belt pack style setup.  The VS ships in five models. (VSi, VS, VS Studio, VSW – AMT / Shure / Sabine / Line 6, & VSW – AMT / Sennheiser)  All of the microphones are identical and all can also be used wirelessly.  The decision between the versions comes when one would choose between wireless, wired, and / or require both.

The entire microphone and mounting mechanism is designed to clamp securely to the body of the instrument without damage to it’s finish. The element itself is attached to a flexible gooseneck, allowing easy positioning at the soundboard. The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes off-axis audio that causes noise and feedback. The microphone itself is specifically designed for the smaller instruments in the string family. The microphone provides pure tonal reproduction while being unobtrusive. The reproduction of natural sound of the instrument is the goal.

The latest VS updates allow the player to easily change to and from AMT’s different preamps while also allowing for direct connections to the Wi5IIC, Shure, Sabine, Line 6 or Sennheiser wireless systems.  With a change in a cable, convert your LSi, LS or LS Studio from a wired belt pack / DI style preamp over to a wireless setup quickly and easily or choose the VSW which ships without a preamp and includes the cable ready for the chosen wireless.  Cables sold separately.

The AMT VS is an excellent choice for soft to loud music for a principal artist, ensemble setting, or as a soloist.  The microphone is suspended in a 4 point isolation ring reducing key and handling noise.   Phantom power or 1 AA battery required for hardwired / beltpack use. (BP45)  Phantom power required for use with the VSi models. (Inline preamp).  Phantom power or 9 volt battery required for the Studio model.  The VSW models are powered by the wireless transmitters that they are connected to.

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