AKG DHT 700 / D5 BD2

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50MW Handheld Transmit

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AKG DHT 700 / D5 BD2

The DHT700 V2 reference digital wireless handheld transmitter comes with a robust and slim metal body and works with the receivers of the DMS700 V2 digital wireless system. The DHT700 V2 is available in three different versions. With AKG’s legendary D5, D7 dynamic or C5 condenser microphone heads, it delivers a powerful sound, even on the noisiest stage.

The DHT700 V2 provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of 155MHz and a selectable radio output power of 10, 20, 30 or 50mW. The built-in helix antenna provides reliable wireless audio transmission. The state-of-the-art 512-bit encryption technology keeps the audio signal secure against tapping.

Robust metal housing
rugged and reliable construction

Helix antenna
optimized signal strength with switchable RF power

D5, D7 or C5 microphones available
in different styles for demanding vocals

Two-hour quick-charging
of standard rechargeable NiMH batteries by integrated charging contacts

Quick and easy setup
via infrared data communication


Audio Frequency Bandwidth 25 to 20000 Hz
Signal to Noise 120 dB-A
THD at 1 kHz 0.05 Prozent
Operating temperature range -10 to 55 Celsius
Switching bandwidth 155 MHz
Recommended simultaneous channels 40
Number of selectable frequencies 6160 (selectable in 25kHz steps)
Frequency Selection Selectable frequency in 25kHz steps
Wireless channels within device
Radio Range (Line of Sight) 100m (depending on antenna system)
Switchable RF Power yes
Modulation Digital FSK
Encryption 512 bit
Diversity Digital Diversity
Pilot Tone no
Radio Output Power (min/max) 10 to 50 mW
Microphone head versions C5C5
Interchangeable Microphone Head no
Transmitter Synchronization Infrared
Battery 1
Batterietype LR6 AA alkaline battery
Compatibel Charging System CU700
Number of Batteries 2
Operating Time 7 h
Battery 2
Batterietype HR 6 AA (NiHM) rechargeable battery
Number of Batteries 2
Operating Time 8 h
Body Metall
Finish dark blue
Dimensions / Weight
Height 230 mm
Width 51 mm
Net Weight 336 g