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PA microphone with rugged, all-metal body; frequency response optimized for intelligibility; long useful life even in tough day-to-day usage; frequency response tailored to speech use.

Rugged, affordable dynamic cardioid gooseneck microphone for general public address and communications use. The D542 provides a frequency response tailored to speech use for optimum intelligibility as well as good offaxis rejection for high gain before feedback and suppression of unwanted ambient noise. The all-metal body ensures a long useful life for the microphone even in tough day-to-day use.

The D542 E features a built-in XLR connector for quick connection, while the D542 has been designed for permanent (single-hole or screw-on) installation and comes with a 6-ft. 4-in. (2-m) fixed, unterminated cable. The D542 ST-S is mounted on a table stand with an on/off switch and coiled cable with 3-pin XLR connector.