AKG CGN99H/Large

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AKG CGN99H/Large


for use in houses of worship, conference rooms and theaters

The CGN99 H/S and CGN99 H/L, part of the DAC Series, are condenser gooseneck microphones with a hypercardioid polar pattern. They are a good choice for all situations when unwanted noise arrives from the sides or where people talk into the microphone from greater distances. 

The rugged gooseneck is available in two different lengths (C/S: 30cm (12in); C/L: 50cm (20in) and ideal for fixed and mobile installations. CGN99 H/S and CGN99 H/L come with an integrated XLR phantom power adapter with 250Hz bass rolloff. The phantom power adapter connects to any standard mixer input with 9V to 52V power supply.

Compact solution
for plug and play

Hypercardioid polar pattern
perfect where people talk from greater distances

Two different gooseneck lengths
30cm (C


Audio Frequency Bandwidth 50 to 19000 Hz
Equivalent Noise Level 21 dB-A
Sensitivity 12 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 73 dB-A
Electrical Impedance 600 Ohms
Recommended Load Impedance 2000 Ohms
Polar Patterns
Powering Interface
Voltage 9 to 52 V
Current 3 mA
Audio Output
Type Balanced XLR
Gender Male
Contacts 3-pin
Finish black
Dimensions / Weight
Height 380 mm
Diameter 13.5 mm
Net Weight 160 g