AKG C4500 B-BC

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AKG C4500 B-BC

Large-Diaphragm Low-Proximity Effect Studio Microphone;
for live broadcasting and productions;
recording studio (instruments and vocals) and post production,
film sound and dubbing.

The C4500 B-BC meets the strictest requirements of digital audio with its ultra-low 8 dB-A self-noise and 145 / 165 dB maximum SPL capability. Its end-address format and its unique acoustical design allow the microphone to be used comfortably for on-air broadcast work and for easy positioning in front of instruments such as bass drum, upright bass, baritone saxophone, guitar amps and other high-output sources. Its patented internal 3-stage filter and very low up-close bass boost allow it to be positioned close to the source to accurately capture every nuance of the sound.

With its superior audio performance, high SPL capability, low proximity effect and insensitivity to RF and electro-magnetic interference, the C4500 B-BC is the perfect tool for broadcast and recording studios. Excellent sound, useful standard accessories and outstanding price/performance makes this large-diaphragm microphone a necessity for every studio.

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