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Aguilar Filter Twin-Dual Envelope Filter Pedal, 25th Anniversary Silver edition

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Aguilar Filter Twin-Dual Envelope Filter Pedal, 25th Anniversary Silver edition

Product Information

Celebrating Aguilar’s 25th Anniversary
To celebrate their 25th year of business, Aguilar has released some of their most popular pedals in brand new finishes. This pedal, the Filter Twin Dual-envelope Filter provides all of the funky tones your bass never knew it needed. The secret to this pedal’s tone is a pair of identical filters that sweep in opposite directions. This dual-filter design creates a very organic sound that other filters simply can’t capture. The controls are straightforward and intuitive: Blend controls the mix between the filters, threshold adjusts sensitivity, and Velocity controls determine the speed of the individual filters. Aguilar’s 25th Anniversary Filter Twin will be your go-to pedal for everything funky.

25 years of quality craftsmanship
Starting as a boutique amp manufacturer in New York City in 1995, Aguilar introduced the first tube preamp that was specifically designed for recording bass. Musicians around the world soon took notice of Aguilar’s superior sound and build quality. The last 25 years have seen Aguilar grow into a worldwide brand that proudly produces American made bass amps, cabinets, pedals, and pickups. Aguilar’s manufacturing philosophy is nothing but unique. They employ a building process dubbed “One-Piece Flow” where each amp or pedal is hand-assembled by one individual. Designed, built, and tested by bass players, Aguilar stands behind their products. And you will too.

World-famous Bass Players Choose Aguilar
Aguilar Amplification’s pickups, preamps, amplifiers, effects, and cabinets are created by bass players, for bass players. Whether you’re playing out live or recording in the studio, Aguilar Amplification products are designed to give you the best experience possible. World-famous bassists like John Patitucci (Chick Corea), Adam Clayton (U2), and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai) have discovered the tone, power, and reliability of Aguilar products — call Sweetwater today to find out for yourself!


  • Two filters sweeping at the same time for an organic vocal sound
  • Blend control balances the two sweeping filters
  • Threshold adjusts the unit’s sensitivity
  • Velocity controls the speed of the individual filters
  • Gig saver passes signal even when the battery dies
  • Silver 25th-anniversary finish looks great on your pedalboard

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