Aguilar Agro Bass Overdrive Pedal, 25th Anniversary Silver edition

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Aguilar Agro Bass Overdrive Pedal, 25th Anniversary Silver edition

Product Information

25th Anniversary Pedal Ready for Sound!
Painted in an eye-catching silver to celebrate 25 years, the Aguilar AGRO Bass Overdrive Pedal is ready for the next 25. Relying on an already great thing, the AGRO continues to win over legions of players of all stripes as it allows you to dial in anything from mild, tube-style distortion to wild, all-out grit-and-grind saturation. Many conventional bass overdrive pedals are great at sounding aggressive, but they do so at the expense of low end. Aguilar’s AGRO compensates for that, keeping the bottom intact no matter how much grind you dial in. Another common problem with bass overdrives is mushy tone, especially at higher-gain settings. AGRO’s Presence control lets you make sure your attack isn’t lost, keeping your notes defined.

Incredible amount of tone shaping and control
It comes from a 4-knob control setup that puts the ability to shape every aspect of the sound at your fingertips. The Saturation control dictates how much distortion is applied to your signal. The more Saturation you add, the attack softens. This softening of the attack is counteracted by the Presence control. Adjust the Presence to bring attack back to even the most saturated tones. To shape the distortion, simply turn the Contour knob, which shapes the mids from scooped to out front and aggressive. The Level control lets you adjust the output volume of the AGRO, so you always have the right amount of distortion, even at low volumes.

World-famous Bass Players Choose Aguilar
Aguilar Amplification’s pickups, preamps, amplifiers, effects, and cabinets are created by bass players, for bass players. Whether you’re playing out live or recording in the studio, Aguilar Amplification products are designed to give you the best experience possible. World-famous bassists like John Patitucci (Chick Corea), Adam Clayton (U2), and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai) have discovered the tone, power, and reliability of Aguilar products.


  • Awesome overdrive pedal for bassists of all stripes
  • Separate Saturation and Level controls to craft the perfect distortion
  • Contour control shapes the mids from scooped to aggressive
  • Presence control brings out your attack
  • Create anything from mild overdrive to wild distortion
  • Gig saver passes signal even when the battery dies