A&F Raw Brass Snare 5,5 x 14″

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A&F Raw Brass Snare 5,5 x 14″

All snare drums are made from our patented raw brass shells, lugs, and hardware and come with Remo Ambassador heads.

We cut, roll, weld, and sand our brass shells, then treat them with our patented oxidizing formula to jump start the patina process.  Shells weigh any where from 7-14 pounds depending on size of the drum and the edge is a 45 degree cut with a 3.5” snare bed.

Aside from the limited edition 4×14 size, we can make any other size snare drum from 6”-22” diameter and 3”-18” depth. If you would like size beyond what is available in the drop down, please contact us directly with your custom order.