XTS Custom Pedals, Tejas Boosts

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XTS Custom Pedals, Tejas Boosts

The XTS Tejas Boost offers boost with EQ and an overdrive/distortion in one box. With the Gain set low, the Tejas Boost offers a warm increase in volume and chime that works great bringing an amp to new levels of breakup or works in conjunction with other pedals like compressors to bring new sounds to your current pedalboard setup.

With the Gain turned up, the Tejas offers an uncompressed, musical breakup that can make a crunchy amp really sing. The tone controls are voiced to be useful across their entire ranges, letting you add sparkle, cut some tubby-ness, or otherwise modify your tone to exactly what you’re looking for. Max out the Gain control, and the well-behaved Tejas gives way to a decidedly unruly distortion sound that ventures into fuzz characteristics.

The Tejas combines a classic topology with new XTS circuit modifications. We use carefully selected components, including orange drop capacitors, that work together to produce an amazing array of sounds that are always warm and musical.

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