PRS Combo Amp, 2 CHANNEL TUBE,1×12″, 50 WATT

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PRS Combo Amp

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Two 6L6s, 50 watts, 12″ speaker

In the engine room, the PRS 2 Channel “H” combo amp sports dual 6L6s, pumping 50 watts out through a single 12″ speaker, giving you plenty of juice to handle any kind of gig. And thanks to its tonal versatility, it’s perfect for your recording studio too!

Integral effects loop

The PRS 2 Channel “H” combo amp plays nice with your effects pedals. This combo is designed by PRS amp designer Doug Sewell with an integral effects loop. Unlike amps in which the effects loop is a design afterthought, this “H” gives you perfect gain structure whether you’re using effects or not.

PRS 2 Channel “H” Combo Amplifier Features:

  • Handmade all-tube 50W combo amplifier
  • Handmade in Stevensville, Maryland
  • Two 6L6 tubes, 50 watts, 1 x 12″
  • Heyboer output transformer for distinctive tone
  • Volume, treble, mid, bass and bright switch for each channel
  • Lead master volume
  • Clean master volume
  • Global reverb
  • Two output jacks
  • Fixed bias
  • Effects loop (send and receive level controls on back panel)
  • Footswitch (included) – controls channel selection and reverb on/off

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