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Presonus FireStudio Lightpipe

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Presonus FireStudio Lightpipe

Need to record 32 inputs™ Directly connect the FireStudio Lightpipe to a digital mixer via ADAT lightpipe to easily add recording to live performances. Or, add up to four DigiMax’s to the FireStudio Lightpipe for a 32-input recording system with 32 class A XMAX microphone preamplifiers all in five rack spaces!
The PreSonus FireStudio Lightpipe is a 32 input, 32 output, 24-bit/96k lightpipe to FireWire computer recording system for professional-quality digital audio recording. Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computer systems, the FireStudio Lightpipe allows you to convert up to 32 channels of ADAT or SMUX optical lightpipe input/output via FireWire providing a multi-channel computer interface for digital mixers, AD/DA converters or ADAT recorders. FireStudio Lightpipe features JetPLL jitter elimination technology for ultra tight synchronization and improved imaging and clarity along with a 34×4 DSP matrix mixer allowing you to create dual zero-latency stereo monitor mixes. Fast-acting input/output LED meters are located on the front panel for quick and easy visual monitoring of all signals. The FireStudio Lightpipe is the perfect interface for expanding and enhancing your music production!

DSP Mixer/Router
The FireStudio Lightpipe also includes the FireControl Mixer – a 34×4 DSP mixer for creating up to two zero latency stereo mixes for monitoring during recording and playback.

JetPLL Syncronization
Tight synchronization between the FireWire chipset and the computer are essential for clarity and stabilization. The FireStudio Lightpipe uses patented JetPLL jitter reduction technology to virtually remove all audio band jitter resulting in better stereo separation and clearer more transparent audio. JetPLL delivers ultra-fast locking to any digital format through a wide range of frequencies and is extremely robust and tolerant of wide variations in clock frequencies. JetPLL ensures near perfect clock performance when networking audio devices, thus creating the most stable and robust synchronization to the computer.



    • Digital Audio Transfer: optical ADAT to FireWire (IEEE 1394)


    • FireWire IEEE 1394 Speed: 400mbps


    • Maximum Inputs/Outputs: 32 inputs/ 32 outputs


    • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz


    • Control Panel Parameters: Sample Rate, Latency (PC only), Clock Source


    • Optical 1 I/O: Ch. 1-8 (44.1, 48k); Ch. 1-4 (88.2, 96k)


    • Optical 2 I/O: Ch. 9-16 (44.1, 48k); Ch. 5-8 (88.2, 96k)


    • Optical 3 I/O: Ch. 17-24 (44.1, 48k); Ch. 9-12 (88.2, 96k)


    • Optical 4 I/O: Ch. 25-32 (44.1, 48k); Ch. 13-16 (88.2, 96k)


    • MIDI I/O: Standard 5-Pin DIN


    • Main analog outputs: Impedance Balanced TRS


    • Headphone amplifier: 150 mW


    • Jitter Specification: <20ps RMS, 20Hz-20kHz


    • Jitter Attenuation: >60dB; 1ns in approx.1ps out


    • Power Supply: IEC Internal switching 100V-240V


    • Word Clock: BNC Input and Output, 75 0hm


    • Power


    • Input Connector Type: IEC


    • Input Voltage (factory configured): 90 to 240 VAC


    • Power Requirements (Continuous): 20W


    • Physical


    • Main Chassis


    • Package Type: 1U – steel chassis


  • Dimensions: 19(W) X 1.75(H) X 7(D) inches

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