Orange Smart 2×12 Isobaric Bass Speaker Cabinet

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Orange Smart 2×12 Isobaric Bass Speaker Cabinet

The revolutionary Orange SmartPower Bass Cabinets are ultra portable yet extremely powerful. The SP212 feature a ported Isobaric cabinet design and use lightweight Neodymium speakers.

Both speakers in the SP212 are front-facing, one behind the other. The space between the front speaker’s magnet and the rear speaker’s cone is airtight, ensuring that both speakers vibrate in conjunction with one another, thus keeping them in phase.

They may be small, but SmartPower bass cabs sound huge.


Features Isobaric design, 2 x parallel ¼” and Speakon input jacks, skid design feet
Output Power (Heads and Combos)
Power Handling (Cabinets) 600 Watts
Valves (Heads and Combos)
Speaker Output options (Heads)
Speakers (Combos and Cabinets) 2 x specially designed Neodymium Orange speakers
Impedance (Cabinets) 8 ohm
Extension Cabinet Options (Combos)
Unboxed Dimensions H (cm) 47H (in) 18.5 W (cm) 38.5W (in) 15.16 D (cm) 38D (in) 14.96
Unboxed Weight 17.3 Kg38.14 lb

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