MXL Acoustica MVS

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Small Diaphragm Condenser USB Microphone

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MXL Acoustica MVS

USB Studio Vocal Microphone

MXL Microphones and Acoustica have teamed up to offer the Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio, an integrated professional recording system that captures high quality performance in an easy-to-use, computer-based recording studio.

The Acoustica MVS USB Microphone is custom-designed by MXL Microphones for Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio. This 16-bit USB recording microphone comes loaded with many of the same features as MXL’s high performance studio microphones. The MVS Microphone has a wide frequency response to capture vocals and instruments with impressive clarity. The cardioid polar pattern makes it simple to target the source of sound and minimize periphery noise. The MVS Microphone transforms any computer into a recording studio – simply plug the microphone into the USB input. Record at home, in the studio or on the go with the Mixcraft 6 Vocal

  • USB Condenser Microphone
  • Included Exclusively with Mixcraft 6 Vocal Studio.
  • Clean, transparent sound
  • Ideal for recording vocals for compositions and
    videos made in Mixcraft

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