MXL 2001A/600

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Recording Pack

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MXL 2001A/600

Recording Pack

You can’t beat the classics but you can reissue them (and even improve them)! Based on our wildly successful 2001 released years ago, the MXL 2001A/600 Recording Pack includes a vocal condenser mic that’s perfect for use in professional and project studios. Also included in this commemorative pack is the MXL 600, a versatile instrument mic for drums, guitars, and more. All you need now is an entourage!

  • Solid-state FET pre-amp with a balanced transformer output
  • Great for vocals, brass, strings, piano and overhead drums
  • Includes screw-on mic stand adapter
  • 1-year warranty

MXL 600 Instrument Mic

  • Smooth vintage sound
  • Gold-sputtered, 6 micron diaphragm

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