K&M Multiple guitar stand Guardian 5 (17515-000-55) Black

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K&M Multiple guitar stand Guardian 5 (17515-000-55) Black

The Guardian holds 5 guitars securely, saves space and allows you an easy overview of your guitars. Ideal for use in the studio, on stage in a shop or at home. No matter whether you have acoustic, electrical or bass guitars, the special instrument-compatible supports protectively hold max. 5 guitars. The protective bars stop the guitars from rotating and prevent inadvertent removal or knocks or bumps when taking the guitars from the stand or placing them. The soft pads made of high quality thermoplastic elastomer have cushioning characteristics. Therefore they protectively take the weight of the guitar and avoid damages of the instrument. The innovative folding mechanism used on the Guardian allows the stand to be carried easily and it can be left standing upright. Highly flexible, sub-divided support arms with integrated pick holders mean the guitar can be held from either side (right or left) and that the strings are untouched. The structural design allows the Guardian to be positioned against a wall. The Guardian is available entirely in black or with translucent (colorless) elements made of high quality Elastomer plastic, which are suitable for all kind of guitar lacquers, including nitro lacquer. Discoloration from the stand to the guitar does not occur.

  • 996 x 335 mm
    Base dimensions:
  • 4016842828944
  • 700 mm
  • non-marring plastic material
    Instrument support:
  • plastic
  • 996 x 670 x 173 mm
    Size when folded:
  • Protective bars prevent damage from bumps or knocking;
    additional slots for electric guitars;
    holds the guitar’s neck without touching the strings;
    integrated pick holders
    Special features:
  • acoustic and electric guitars
    Suitable for:
  • black
  • 4.65 kg

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