Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII Alex Lifeson 230

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Hughes & Kettner amps might look like science fiction, but the German firm knows a think or two about classic tone and valves.

This is nicely showcased by the very special Alex Lifeson Signature Edition of the company’s flagship TriAmp head.

H&K decided to issue this special amplifier to celebrate 30 years of collaboration between the company and the Rush guitarist – who’s their highest-profile endorsee.

The amp is exceptionally well built and finished to a very high standard. It’s electronically complex beast and, from necessity, the internals are all PCB-mounted.

As we’ve come to expect from H&K, the quality of components and soldering is first class – the boards themselves are on a par with the world’s best and the steel chassis is equally tough and rigid.

The plywood sleeve is covered in thick vinyl with a unique love-it-or-hate-it imitation crocodile pattern.

The most visually striking feature of the amp’s styling is H&K’s trademark illuminated Perspex front plate, which is lit up by a row of top-mounted LEDs when the mains is switched on.

It’s a stunning effect especially as the LEDs are purple for the ‘Alex’ rather than the standard blue.

It’s also very practical, making all the controls easy to see and adjust under any lighting conditions.

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