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Yamaha BBP 34 Electric Bass W/Hardcase

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Yamaha BBP34 Overview

Styled in a midnight blue finish, the Yamaha BB Series BBP-34 is an electric bass with a sleek, double-cutaway design and an alder/maple/alder body construction. The hard maple center is intended to bolster body stiffness accentuating midrange, while the alder provides the solid tone you’d expect from a BB series bass. Its six-bolt with miter bolting, five-piece maple neck sports a 34″ scale, a 250mm radius, 21 frets, and a fingerboard fashioned out of rosewood. Compared to the traditional bolt-on neck joint, this miter joint reinforces string vibration throughout the body, resulting in a strong sustain and harmonic resonance.

Strings are secured to the body with a vintage-style fixed bridge that features a diagonal string-thru design, one that alleviates unnecessary string-stress while bolstering resonance and sustain. This string-thru design is optional, meaning you can also attach strings to the tail end of the bridge. The bridge comes with a convertible saddle that can be adjusted between two different angles, giving you more control over your feel and tone. Constructed out of brass, the saddle of this bridge delivers a deeper low-end, while the steel plate of the bridge emphasizes highs. All of this helps provide a well-rounded sound. At the headstock, you’ll find open gear tuners designed to complement this BB bass, which is comparably lightweight when compared to earlier iterations.

For electronics, this bass offers two Custom V7 pickups. A split single coil P-style pickup can be found in the neck, while a single coil J-style pickup sits in the bridge. These pickups have been engineered to give you an articulated sound that is nevertheless warm, organic, and fat.

A volume knob for each pickup is on hand, the usage of which can help you blend the timbre of the neck and the bridge pickups. An overall tone control can help you make your overall sound brighter or darker in accordance with your own personal tastes. The bass comes with a hardshell case.

Alder/Maple/Alder Body Construction

This bass features an alder/maple/alder multi-laminated body construction. The hard maple center increases body stiffness and accentuates midrange to cut through the mix of a band and allows a more uniform transmission of vibrations between the body and the maple neck for unparalleled resonance and sustain.

6-Bolt Miter Neck Joint

Miter bolting holds the neck closer and tighter to the body, fusing these two separate components into one. Compared to a conventional bolt-on joint, miter bolting offers more efficient transfer of string vibration throughout the body for improved sustain and outstanding resonance that brings every note to life.

Custom-Wound V7 Pickups

Alnico magnets produce a fat yet penetrating tone that works in combination with the alder/maple/alder construction for an organic, well-defined sound.

Convertible Bridge and Saddle for Precise Tone Shaping

This bass incorporates a string-thru design where strings are angled at the saddle and pass through the instrument to the bridge at a 45º angle as opposed to the traditional vertical stringing method, which places undue stress on the strings. This design significantly reduces this stress while transferring string vibration to the body reliably and efficiently.

Strings can also be set to the tail end of the bridge, which comes equipped with a convertible saddle that can be adjusted to two different angles for more precise tonal shaping and feel. The rounder side of the saddle gives a slightly duller sound, while the more angled area of the saddle produces a slightly tighter one. Furthermore, brass saddles deliver a slightly deeper low-end, while the steel bridge plate offers more response. All screws and springs are made of stainless steel to guard against corrosion.

Lightweight Tuners

Compared to previous models in this series, these lightweight tuners offer a better balance and complement the overall feel, providing a perfect match for the smaller, lighter body of the new BB.

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