Special Package Sunhouse Sensory Drum Percussion – Quad

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Special Package Only on Melodia Evening Sale

Sunhouse Sensory Drum Percussion “Quad”

Inside Package:

  • 1x Software Sunhouse
  • 4x Sunhouse Sensory Drum Percussion
  • 1x Sunhouse Element Pickups

Experience a new era of electronic drumming

It adapts to how you play and harnesses your skills to control any sound you can imagine.

Expand your creative possibilities

Perform melodies, chords, and sequences from behind the drums.

Find your sound

Whether you’re after hyper-realistic acoustic drum sounds or layered electronic beats, the Sunhouse library gives you hundreds of presets and thousands of raw sounds to get you there. All included free.

Supercharge your next recording sessions, shows and tours

Intelligent software allows you to take Sensory Percussion on stage, in a club or in a stadium. We handle the crosstalk and dynamic control so you can focus on your drumming.

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