XTS Custom Pedals, Pegasus Boosts

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XTS Custom Pedals, Pegasus Boosts

The Pegasus Boost provides a clean, transparent boost useful for making your guitar sound fuller, pushing your amp into overdrive, or stacking with your current drive and distortion pedals to create new and exciting tones.

One gain knob lets the user dial in the precise amount gain required for any situation. Alone, the Pegasus gives an un-tempered gain boost without overtly accentuating or attenuating any part of your tone. When used with other pedals like overdrives, the Pegasus can make your
tone thicker and more complex as the pedals cooperate with one another.

The XTS Pegasus Boost is a simple circuit with a simple interface, but it delivers amazing results because it is designed to work with you and your gear. So whether you need a straightforward clean boost, or something to push your current pedals and amps to new levels, the Pegasus Boost simply delivers.


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