Ddrum Armadillo Dominion Maple 22 Orange

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Ddrum Armadillo DM22 Orange

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Ddrum Armadillo Dominion Maple 22 Orange

Trends come and go, but Maple is still the benchmark standard for optimum performance in drum shells. It looks beautiful and resonates sound to perfection.
Ddrum’s Dominion Maple drums answer the demands of the most particular players by putting the features every drummer requires right into their pocket. Every facet of the 100% Maple shell, from the precision dual 45 degree bearing edges, to the gloss lacquered finish, is handcrafted to our exacting specifications
for perfect performance.

Die-Cast Hoops are added to the equation for volume and tuning precision. In just about every way imaginable, Dominion Maple drums are the key to taking
the lead. The player configuration is a go-to kit for any musical situation. A practical configuration with the best sizes.

Dominion Player Kit Includes:
22″ x 20″ bass drum
10″ x 8″ & 12″ x 8″ toms
16″ x 14″ floor tom
5-1/2″ x 13″ snare

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