Ddrum Armadillo DIABLO 2 CAMO DS

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Ddrum Armadillo DIA 2 CAMO DS

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Ddrum Armadillo DIABLO 2 CAMO DS

Ddrum has heard the call from the drummers of the underground. High energy performance demands gear that can take a beating and still deliver the goods. In creating the Combat Punx, Diablo’s latest addition, we wanted to make a kit with a finish so durable, it could stand up to the most heinous abuse. That is why we have taken military-grade camouflage canvas, and heat-sealed it to Diablo’s 9-ply Basswood shell. The covering is stitched at the seam to prevent separation, and bonded to the shell with heat and pressure to prevent warpage; making it one of the most durable finishes in existence .

Upgrades like a 20″x22″ kick drum with Maple hoops, a 15-ply, 7″x14″ snare drum, and the choice of three coverings are -of course- standard equipment. With the Combat Punx in your drumming artillery, get ready to march into the punk rock battlefield and cry havoc.

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