Audix TR40

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Audix TR40


The Audix TR40 is a test and measurement microphone that employs a 1/4″ pre-polarized condenser capsule with an omni-directional polar pattern. You get an ultra-smooth, linear frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. The flat linear response enables the TR40 mic to successfully capture the “room effect” without the need to resort to electronic processing. This, along with the ease at which the Audix TR40 handles high SPL’s of over 140dB, makes it an ideal testing mic for both studio and live recording of pianos, musical groups, choirs, and room acoustics. 

Measurement and Calibration

Because the TR40 combines phase coherency with an extremely linear frequency response, it’s perfect for use as a cost-effective measurement or calibration microphone for many of today’s real-time room analyzers, automated equalizers, and software driven measurement programs.

Recording Techniques

Many recording engineers use the TR40 as a creative tool to naturally blend the sound of an acoustic instrument with the room. This provides a unique character and dimension to a recording which cannot be achieved any other way. Instruments such as piano, acoustic guitar, percussion, saxophone, and percussion all lend themselves to this creative process.

Live Sound

The TR40 can be used successfully for a variety of applications from choir miking to overhead drum miking. The most interesting and original use of the TR40 will be as a “room mic” providing a real time mix for performers equipped with in-ear monitor systems.

Broadcast Application

A series of TR40’s can be strategically placed over the audience in order to create the ‘live’ feeling of the event.

Omni-directional condenser microphone.


  • Excellent sonic characteristics
  • Smooth, accurate response from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Phase coherent response
  • Ultra-low noise floor
  • Precision machined brass housing finished in tough black E-coat
  • Able to handle extremely high SPL levels without distortion
  • Phantom power operation 9-52 volts
  • Gold plated XLR connector


TR40 Test and Measurement Microphone

  • Power Requirement 9 – 52v phantom
  • Pickup Pattern: Omni-directional
  • Frequency Range 20 – 19 kHz (+1/-3dB)
  • -4dB @20kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 102 dB
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity 14 mV / Pa*
  • S/N ratio 77 dB A weighted
  • Self noise 17 dBA weighted / 26 dB
  • Impedance 200 Ohms
  • Maximum SPL 128 dB
  • Housing Machined Brass
  • Finish Black E-coat

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